My top 12 uses for mason jars!

I love mason jars. It's actually pretty ridiculous. I even have mason jars on our wedding registry, I find myself using them daily and for all sorts of different reasons. Here are a few of my favorites!

#1 Storage

Regular people buy pretty containers to put on their counter, and store their sugar and flour in them. Nope, not this chick! I store my sugar, flour, rice ect. in mason jars arranged on our counter!

#2 Sensory Toy

When my little guy was small, I used to fill one of these bad boys up with rice or beads and he would shake shake shake away!

#3 Decoration

You can easily hook up a mason jar with some Christmas lights or a candle and have a unique conversation piece for your home! Check our pinterest for some great ideas.

#4 Packed Lunches

I often send my fiance to work with food crammed in a mason jar. You can do soups, salad shakers, or just left over dinner!

#5 Jams, Jellies & Fruits

This one is self explanatory and uses the jar for its original purpose-haha.

#6 A Cup

I drink smoothies from my jars. Water. Orange juice. Kool-Aid. The possibilities are endless.

#7 Desk Organization

Why buy fancy pencil holders when you have assorted mason jars? I just the tiny ones for paper clips and the larger ones for pens/pencils!

#8 Lotions & soaps

Check out our sunblock blog here. You can make and store all sorts of lotions, soaps and detergents in mason jars!

#9 Vases & Centerpieces

Um yeah, our wedding center pieces will be utilizing mason jars! I have a big jar at home that is specifically for when my fiance brings home flowers for me :)

#10 Vacation fund!

I have a jar at work that I use specifically to store my loose change. We gave J a jar full of shiny fake change for a Christmas gift, and i'm pretty sure it was his favorite.

#11 Unique handmade gifts

You know, the pretty kind where people layer the ingredients to chocolate chip cookies? or a soup mix? or hot cocoa with marshmallows? Slap a ribbon on that baby and you are good to go!

#12 A wish or positive thought jar

Write down your goals for the year and crumble them up. Write down things your hope or wish for. Or positive thoughts/encouraging words for a rainy day. Maybe love notes to your significant other! The possibilities are limitless!

Brought to you by Loving Birth Services: Philadelphia Doulas, South Jersey Doulas, Central Jersey Doulas & Delaware DoulasBrought to you by Loving Birth Services: Philadelphia Doulas, South Jersey Doulas, Central Jersey Doulas & Delaware Doulas

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