How to make a pregnant woman smile

April 2, 2015

Let's be honest...


pregnant women don’t always have the best reputation.


They are portrayed as a rollercoasters of emotions, impossible to please etc etc etc. For some, pregnancy is a lovely and happy time from first finding out til 40 weeks+ and  for others it’s a long tough time . As the partner of a pregnant woman this can be confusing.  Here are some ways you can make a pregnant woman smile….


Go to appointments

It will mean a lot if you can make time to go to at least a few appointments. Trust me, there will be plenty between the OB/Midwife , doula, test at the lab, birth class. Go with her and feel free to ask questions.


Run a warm bath

water is so wonderful at soothing an achy body. Don’t forget her favorite bubble bath or oils.


Back rub-yes!

Do this often and she will be so happy. A professional prenatal massage would be great too .


Run to the store

be willing to go out at midnight for the carrots sticks and/or chocolate donuts she is craving.


Just check in

send a quick text or give a unexpected phone call when you are apart to let her see how she is doing and that you are thinking of her (and of baby) .


Surprise her

who doesn’t love a small gift here or there. Maybe flowers are her thing or that new book she mentioned.

Give a hand- help a bit more around the house. Take over some of her typically duties so she has more time to put her feet up.


Talk to her

Tell her she is beautiful, ask her how she is feeling or what is she thinking. Share with each other your hopes and fears. It will be an amazing time to bond with her. And don’t forget baby, talk and sing to your unborn baby. He or she hears you ya know!


Enjoy this time, it's so special and it goes so fast. Do your best to make her smile!


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Brought to you by Loving Birth Services:  Philadelphia Doulas, South Jersey Doulas, Central Jersey Doulas & Delaware DoulasBrought to you by Loving Birth Services:  Philadelphia Doulas, South Jersey Doulas, Central Jersey Doulas & Delaware Doulas




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