Born in the Wild...

March 3, 2015

The controversial series Born in the Wild premiers tonight, March 3rd. The series documents families who take home birth a step further and birth in the sticks-literally; with no access to medical care should something go wrong. Obviously I haven't seen the show yet, but I do believe it will make all "home-birthers" be group into one category, hence making a mess of the whole idea of home birth. Birthing out in the wild without access to proper medical care is a very extreme scenario and can lead to even more misconceptions about home birth and the "natural" community. Loving Birth Services has served all kinds of clients with all different philosophies about what they want their birth to be. 



We have seen the natural birth. 

We have seen the epidurals.

We have seen the cesareans.

We have seen the emergencies.

Every birth we have seen had been different.


We stand firmly in our policy to not attend unassisted births. As a society, we have come to far with the medical care provided by midwives and doctors to just not utilize it. Infant resuscitation is no joke. Scary stuff does happen. And for our clients and our own protection, this is the only kind of birth we cannot support. We genuinely care about our client's health & safety.


Check out Born in the wild here.

Or be like me, and don't!


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