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July 20, 2014









So you just had your baby, right? He or she is adorable and squishy… and you can’t stop kissing their face. You are in bliss. Total heaven. You never want this moment to end.


And then…

Your adorable newborn starts to contort his or her face in ways that you didn’t even know were humanly possible….


and there it is.


Meconium, your baby’s first poop.


Let’s think about the word poop.


According to Urban Dictionary:


Poop is:

Bodily waste of varying color, viscosity, shape, odor and texture. Usually exits the body through your pooper, speed, noise and degree of pain may vary depending on what you ate.


Used in a sentence: even the soda at taco bell makes me poop.


Now, let’s get back to your precious freshly poop covered newborn.


You will wipe and wipe and wipe… but this sticky tar like substance is far from gone! It's essence seems to be stained to that brand new baby butt forever. Just know, this is normal my friend. And it will not last forever. Meconium passes within the first few days of birth, and from here there are two directions your baby’s poop can go.


1) The breastfed baby.


If this kind of poop came out of your butt, you would be in trouble. But, do not be alarmed if this mustardy goodness is flowing from your newborn’s bottom multiple times a day. The breastfed baby’s poo tends to be yellowish, very runny, light in odor and “seedy". 


2) The formula fed baby.


This poop looks more “normal”. It comes in darker then breastmilk poo… usually at a nice milk chocolate brown shade. It also is not nearly as runny, and it has more of a putty texture. One downside, it is definitely smellier then the mustard poop we spoke about earlier! If you use both breastmilk and formula, you should expect the poo to be somewhere right in the middle of A and B.


Don’t be scared, it’s just poop! With parenthood, poop takes on a whole new meaning. I am not a poop doula, or an expert in the field of fecal matter, so if you feel like something is out of the normal with your baby’s poop don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician! Happy poop monitoring! Oh, and yes, a lot of pregnant women poop while in labor.


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