Childbirth Education: The Bradley Method

There are many Childbirth Education “methods” out there. It very interesting to hear how they are unique in their own way and why a birthing couple chose it over another. A local mom Christina shared why she and her husband chose the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth:

The reasoning behind my choosing the Bradley method starts out as somewhat of a coincidence. I saw the Bradley method profiled on a popular television show that profiles a large Christian family, looked up what it was, and left it at that. I didn’t even know my husband, or had any thought that I would be married anytime soon in my mind, but I remembered what I read of it, and carried on with life as usual. I also happened to be one of the last of my friends to get married and have babies. I remember hearing about some trials other friends and acquaintances had surrounding their births. I would watch a popular daytime show profiling childbirth and think “That just doesn’t seem right” when certain, less than ideal, things would happen. My thoughts would lead back to what I read about the Bradley method, and I just knew that I would pursue it or something very close to it in my future.

I soon met my husband, and we got pregnant within three months of being married. I knew I had to look up the Bradley method again, and tried to find out more about that and other natural childbirth information. My mom always told me she had me naturally with a midwife, so I always had that idea in my mind. She said she couldn’t breastfeed, and while some of my friends did and some didn’t, I just kind of always knew I was going to, without giving much more thought to it. I started talking to other moms in my area, and looking up a lot of (and sometimes too much!) information on the internet about natural childbirth and pregnancy. I also invested in a couple of books written to help women with a more natural and peaceful pregnancy and childbirth.

Once I started looking further into Bradley, I knew it would be right for us as a couple. My husband is excellent at being very present for me physically and emotionally. He looked at the information, and agreed. The Bradley Method is also known as “Husband Coached Childbirth”, which includes teaching couples how to work very much together during pregnancy and labor. We loved the idea, contacted our instructor and got started with our 12 week class. Through the class we learned about good diet habits, relaxation techniques, interventions and what to avoid, and what to expect about breastfeeding as well. We were with five other couples with due dates around the same time as ours, so we also got to share in each other’s excitement as our pregnancies progressed during the class. It was so wonderful being able to share that time with other like-minded couples, and then hearing all of the birth stories after our babies were born!

We both believe that had we not signed up for this class, our birth would not have been the same.

Additionally, my husband credits the book “Husband Coached Childbirth”, for helping him view birth, and his role in labor, in a different light. He highly recommends it to significant others who plan to be very present for the birth of their child. We both felt very prepared for our birth and how to handle everything that came our way. I was so impressed by Bradley myself, that I am training to become an instructor in the New Year. I can only hope that other couples will benefit from it as much as my husband and I did. You can find more information on

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