3 reason why I love my job!

May 15, 2013

1. I love to help women feel empowered; because they should feel empowered. This is what a doula does.  She helps you and your partner transition into your new lives with your new baby.

Women need to know that we are strong.  We need to comprehend that wecan and will birth our babies however we feel fit. It is our right to be free to birth how we choose. Women are smart and wise enough to make educated decisions about their bodies and their babies.

My partner, Ginnie, always says this phrase: birthing momma warrior.  It makes me laugh. It makes everyone in the classes we teach laugh; but at the same time, it is so true. We are birthing warriors! To me, when I think of that phrase, the image that resonates with me is of some tribal amazon woman, with crazy elephant tusk piercings, wearing straw skirt laboring in the sticks somewhere. It’s about helping woman figure out what their “birthing momma warrior” looks like and holding on to that thought. My momma warrior is probably different from yours. Find your image, and hold on to it.


2. Birth is beautiful. There is nothing more fascinating to me then a woman transitioning into motherhood. I am simply amazed by what happens from conception to the baby being born. While I was pregnant myself, I read and researched everything that I could get my hands on. Life is beautiful.  It istruly an honor to be able to be there, supporting women and their partners, as they work to bring life into this world.   

3. I learn and I grow with each birth.  Supporting each and every family is different. Everyone has different needs that need fulfillment; and sometimes those needs are ever changing.  Sometimes a woman will need touch.  Other times a woman will just need to know you are there and will just need you to hold the space. Each family is different.  Each baby is different.  Each birth is different.  The only unchanging fact is that, this woman will birth her baby, and I will be there to support her and her choices.


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