A VBAC Birth Story

If you are anything like us they you LOVE, i mean LOVE to read/hear birth stories. This is the birth story of a local mama friend of ours who had an amazing VBAC( vaginal birth after cesarean).

I had an emergency c-section with my son 3 years ago. General anesthesia- the cord was around his neck-they had to resuscitate him- I didn’t see him for hours after he was born. It was awful.

When I got pregnant with my second, I still really wanted to have the natural birth that I missed the first time around. My naturopath recommended Karen Shields to me.

I saw Karen on and off through my second pregnancy but mostly saw another midwife in her practice, Jane. Jane was wonderful, kind, beautiful, strong- everything you want in a midwife. Jane delivered my baby last July.

I had a beautiful pregnancy. No morning sickness, no problems. Just a wonderful cooperative healthy baby.

On Tuesday, three days before my due date, I went into see Karen because I thought my water was leaking. It wasn’t. I was probably just peeing my pants. But, while I was there Karen stripped my membranes. On the way home from Elmer I started feeling crampy… The cramps got stronger and on Thursday night they became contractions every 8-10 min apart. They continued like that through out the night and by early the next morning were coming every 5 min. They weren’t very strong, but after what we went through with my son I was nervous about something being wrong without me knowing it- so I called Jane who told me to meet her at RMC. We showered, got ready and asked a neighbor to come at stay with my son until my in-laws could get to our house.

When we got to the L and D the nurse at the front desk was SO excited that we were there. She had had a VBAC and was so glad that I was trying one too.

They brought me to a room and I labored for a while, waiting for Jane. (Probably the worst part was the annoying lady from registration who kept asking me questions while I was having contractions…) When Jane got there, they hooked me up to a remote monitor and checked my progress. I think I was only about 4cm by then so she filled up the tub and let me labor in the tub for the next 4 hours. It was wonderful. I had my Adele station playing on Pandora (on my iPhone) and I slept between contractions. The lights were out. I had time to meditate and focus on my baby. At this point I just wanted to be by myself so my husband napped on the couch in the room, ate lunch and came sporadically to check on me and give me water. Around 3, Jane told me it was time to get out of the tub. She checked me again and the baby was really low. I sat on the birthing ball, slow danced with Paul, screamed and cried a little until 5:15 when Jane broke my water. After that everything went quickly. They did give me IV fluids because I hadn’t been drinking enough throughout the day and my contractions were coming so fast. It’s amazing how you can really feel when it’s time to push. After about an hour of pushing, Piper was born.

The nurses who had been there with me through out the day all stayed past their shift change because they wanted to be there for the birth. I think there were seriously like 8 women in the room with us. Everyone was so supportive. Telling me that I didn’t need drugs (even when I asked for them), that I didn’t need a c-section ( at one point I asked for that, too), and that I was strong and beautiful and could push that baby out on my own.

Paul caught her and got to cut the cord. I didn’t even have to fight with anyone not to bathe her or put the medicine in her eyes. They let me hold her right away and I had her for at least an hour before anyone came in to do any tests or anything. I can still remember the feel of her warm little body on my chest as I’m writing this.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience the second time. I felt safe and loved the entire time. It was like birth should be.

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