Pick up your hands!

Hands are a powerful and amazing part of our body. so many things( both the good and the bad) We do daily involve our hands We write with them.We clench them in frustration. We hold with them. we greet each other. We use them to cook, play,create art and to take care of others. As a doula i use my hands to comfort and soothe a mama during her birthing time. And Some of us use our hands to speak.

I am excited to be a guest speaker at the LLL of the Garden State Area Conference this month (http://lllgardenstate.com/) My workshop is called “More than

"More Than Words" -Using sign language to help your baby communicate needs and thoughts. American Sign Language is a very beautiful language that i was introduced to at a young age. My brother is ten years older than me and his college girlfriend was a Deaf Education Major in Ohio where they both attended school. The first time i met her she taught me a handful of sign and I was immediately capitvated. I made my parents buy me a book so i could learn more and I was excited to share with them all the new sign I had learned by their next visit. They both encouraged me to keep practicing, to “pick up my hands”.

Throughout high school I continued to learn a little bit at a time. After college I took a few non-credit courses and was tutored by a Deaf women who was the best teacher i ever had. EVER. She was amazing and impacted my life more than she knows. I used sign language as apart of my daily activities with my pre-kindergarden students in song and taught them a “word of the month”. So when i had my own sweet babe it was only natural for me to teach her sign. I remember it was the third of fourth time i nursed her the day she was born that i lifted my hand and signed milk to my baby girl. It was a great moment.

I have taught baby sign classes to my local MOMS Club group and it has been alot of fun. So i encourage you to pick up your hands. help a neighbor, open the door for the person behind you, or teach your baby a few signs. It will all do the world alot of good.

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